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Monday, May 3, 2010

Exceptional woman of the week! Mona Kay

Hey All,
Here is my pick for exceptional woman of the week. Mona Kay of Mona Kay at home. I suppose you are all wondering Mona Kay who is she???? I know none of you have ever heard me mention her name.... that is probably because I have never had the pleasure of meeting her-well at least not in person. I don't know her family, her favorite movie, book or even what she looks like. All I know is that she contacted my shop & requested a custom sign be made for her shop. She was my very first sale!!!

Now your probably thinking.....oh, she bought something from that's why you elected her. Well I hope you know me better than that by now :) Although I am completely thankful for my 1st sale....ironically it really has nothing to do with her purchase.

Rather it has everything to with the fact that she has been a kind human being. She has chosen to be kind not because she had to..... but because she wanted to. Although, I am very blessed to have many wonderful people in my circle. Lately I admit, I have found myself doubting the level of goodness in strangers. I know this sounds terrible.....but it's the truth....I just don't feel the majority of people take enough time or put enough effort in extending goodness to others.

Although Mona Kay is located on the other side of the country & really has nothing to gain from me personally. She has taken time out of her day to not only be nice to a stranger but also be supportive of a stranger. She has sent me several inspiration messages, joined my blog, has left me nice compliments on my creations & placed wonderful feedback in my shop. She has done all of this & she has never even met me!

I just all thought we could learn a little lesson from her. The moral of the story is.....what comes around goes around. Take time to be kind to others....hold the door open, help an old lady cross the street, donate your time to a good cause, be supportive of friends & strangers. Goodness will come back to you. Karma is real. It really does wonders for the soul & you might even meet a friend in the process :)

So my favorite Exceptional Woman of the Week....goes out to Mona Kay. Thank you Mona Kay for putting your good energy out into the atmosphere. During these trying times we can all use a little kindness.

I'd like to pay it forward a please spread the word & visit MonaKayathome on etsy she has wonderful vintage treasures....her link can be found above or always on the left side of my blog. Thank you in advance & thank you Mona Kay! Peace to all, A

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