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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nothing Like A Cup of Java

There is just nothing like a good cup of Joe! It's just one of those small pleasures in life that brings a smile to my face. I think I'm in love with the whole concept. Although I just adore coffee especially with flavored cream....I think it's when I drink it that makes it such a treat! This is a list of my favorite scenarios that compliment my favorite non alcoholic beverage....

Evenings with Paul (Nothing like a sweet treat & a cup of hot bliss

At work (my vice that gets me through:)

Early morning walks to the beach with Rocky

While Crafting - Joe is my creative assistant

Visits with my Sis Sharon - always at least a pot....or two! Yikes!

On the phone with one of my many Buds or Sisters

In the Garden

On the computer

Joe always keeps me company while hunting for antiques & garage sale treasures

Yes....just nothing like a cup of Java!

What is your favorite time to have Joe around??? Please let me know

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