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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ha, Ha, Ha, "No" Paul & I are not taking the plunge!

I've gotten a lot of feedback regarding the "Anne & Paul" wedding sign on the blog!
Sorry guys....didn't mean to alarm anyone! We are not getting married this August.
The sign is just an example of the Vintage wedding signs I am now creating & selling on my website

If ya happen to know of any brides to be send them my way.....also great as unique wedding gifts or personalized Bridal shower gifts

When I was making the sign I didn't know whose names to put in....I thought why not play a little prank on Paul (my other half.) So I wrote in our names & left it on the coffee table for 2 days. He of course....reacted in the typical Paul fashion....which is no reaction! I of course thought it was hysterical!

I often wonder how men have the ability to remain quiet. In fact, sometimes I envy them. Paul is the king of verbal restraint & often utilizes his gift to drive me insane!!!

I want to talk about it now. Not tomorrow, not next week & not in 10 minutes!!!


I'm a "Get it over with kinda gal!" I know I drive him nuts with this....I probably picked this trait up from my Mom, she was so big on communication.

Any other ladies out there like me??

Send me your thoughts on this please!

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Haha I fell for it and thought we'd have a wedding to attend this summer!!! :)