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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Favorite Woman of the 20th Century! Follow her story!

My Favorite Woman of the 20th Century! Follow her Story!

Oh Momma....what can I say, of course you're my winner, you did the most precious, selfless thing a woman can gave me life!
Born August 24th 1936 in Minneapolis, MN to Ruth & Martin Larson. Kathryn was a bouncing baby girl. Looking through the earliest photos of Momma, I realize that even from day one, she just seemed to exhume a light from within. Something she retained. Always a head turner, even as a child I remember taking note of the fact that everyone just seemed to gravitate towards her. Especially men!
Of Swedish decent, baby Kathryn had flashing crystal blue eyes, dark curly locks & ivory skin. Despite her beauty & light, it seems Momma would start her life out with a confusion that never seemed to leave her.
Kathryn's father, a reportedly stern, immigrant of Sweden wanted to name Momma.....Hilma. But Ruth her Momma, a sweet soft spoken woman decided this was one thing she was not going to allow. Apparently, she just wasn't having it.
I recall Momma telling me the story. She state "My Daddy wanted to name me Hilma. Oh I'm so glad they didn't name me Hilma."
Years later I came across her birth certificate, I noticed she didn't even have a name written in, instead it said "Baby Girl Larson" as her first name.
I recall Momma saying "My Momma wanted to name me Kathryn but Daddy gave her a hard time. I'm so glad she stood her ground."
I'm glad too Momma....Hilma just couldn't do you justice.
Please feel free to tune in as I unfold the continuing untold story of Kathryn's interesting life & her legacy.
The trials & tribulations, her triumphs & woes.
I extend to you the benefit of her life's lessons.
A Priceless gift from Kathryn :)
Some things we just probably won't obtain from our $100/hr sessions


Ashley said...

This is so amazing!

Romantic Planet said...

Thanks Ash....I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Susan said...

I am Kathryn's eldest daughter. The most important thing she ever told me was to be authentic to whom you really are. She inspires me every day to live a life of authenticity. She always said, “Never let anyone oppress you. Have the courage to tell the truth. Befriend only true allies. Be accountable and expect the people around you to be accountable." I use this philosophy daily, in my work as a writer and media consultant and with regard to social and economic justice.